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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Another progress on Entity Framework provider for Firebird

13 Jul 2008 1 mins .NET, Entity Framework, Firebird, LINQ

Today, after some days/weeks, I finally created some noticable (= not only internals) progress with Entity Framework provider for Firebird.

Now, the provider is able to use, map, call, … stored procedures (and functions [very experimental]). You can select stored procedures from database, map these to some operations in EF, create “function imports” etc. You can see this working on picture:


I have not tested all available options of calling etc. SPs, so feel free to report any problems with it. Current version can be downloaded from (aka weekly builds).

Also take into account, that current latest stable (old ones too) version of FB has left outer join bug, so all columns in table are marked as primary key(s) (and so must be not null). I’m wondering how this (from my POV) really serious bug can go thru QA tests?!

Known Issue: When you select “Update Model from Database” in Visual Studio you get error. I’m now working on it.

Anyway for testing, I recommend you to use EdmGen (or EdmGen2), it’s faster and more controlled. 😃

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