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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Timeout for wait transactions in FirebirdClient

20 Oct 2008 .NET, Firebird

I have implemented new feature available from FB2.0, it’s timeout for wait transaction. It’s a nice feature, ’cause you can specify how long do you wanna wait before getting deadlock error. Thanks also to Dmitry Yemanov for debug (that also revealed couple of new bugs; now already fixed).

The current implementation is pretty straightforward. If you don’t specify timeout then it’s not used (which is important for <FB2.0). Else (and you’re using wait transactions) is used. 😃 With this I redesigned a little bit the options for transactions. Now it’s more flexible and open for future improvements. Defining options for transaction is little bit different:

conn.BeginTransaction(new FbTransactionOptions() { TransactionBehavior = FbTransactionBehavior.Wait, WaitTimeout = 3 }))

Of course, you can create options object separately and put to method only variable. Changing old code to new one is just couple of rewriting, no new logic.