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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

“Local” Queries 2nd edition

22 Feb 2009 Entity Framework, LINQ

Danny Simmons posted small helper method for runnning queries against local cache (in ObjectContext). Many of you are probably using similar method. But I don’t like to have to specify entity set as a string. That’s a first step for refactoring problems. 😃

Thus I created little bit different version, using same trick as Matthieu Mezil with Include.

public static IEnumerable<TEntity> Local<TEntity, TObjectContext>(this ObjectContext context, Expression<Func<TObjectContext, ObjectQuery<TEntity>>> entitySet) where TEntity : class
    if (!(entitySet.Body is MemberExpression))
        throw new ArgumentException("entitySet");
    string name = ((MemberExpression)entitySet.Body).Member.Name;
    return context.Local<TEntity>(name);

It’s using Danny’s original one to do the dirty work 😉, so it’s just a small helper for helper. You can call it like e.Local<DETAIL, MyEntities>(x => x.Details).ToArray(); instead of e.Local<DETAIL>("Details").ToArray();.