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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Quick Search and Call Hierarchy in VS 2010

10 Mar 2009 1 mins Keyboard, Visual Studio

I’m not kind of guy hungry for thousands of new features in my current development IDE. In fact I’m happy for decently smart editor, because my work mainly involves BL etc. But couple of new features in new Visual Studio 2010 I really like.

One is called Quick Search. It simply allows you to find a lot of stuff from simple window – files in solution, methods etc. And it’s smart too. If you have file named, let’s say MyCoolClass.cs, you can type just MCC and the file will be found too. Nice, isn’t it? Almost as fast as navigating in text in VI editor. 😉

And other is called Call Hierarchy. It’s simple tree showing you who is calling selected methods and vice versa. You can easily traverse through this tree and see paths where your code is going. And you can of course navigate to methods selected in the window.

Simple functions, but may help a lot. What is your favourite in upcoming VS or current VS maybe with some plugin?

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