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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Windows 7, mouse, multitouch, gravitation – flashback

7 Jul 2009 1 mins Delphi/Object Pascal/Pascal, Mathematics, Mouse, Physics, Windows

While reading Mike Taulty’s posts about playing with Windows 7 and multitouch some words like deceleration, inertia etc. started some process in my head and I recalled some very old program everybody was creating. I don’t know if everybody, but at least 99,9% of Delphi developers.

The idea behind program was pretty simple. No window, somehow hook the mouse (I don’t remember whether it was classic hook, because it was in Win98/95 era). And every time you put the mouse to the top, it started falling down, like if the gravitation worked for mouse cursor too. I remember some modification too. If you’ve done some horizontal move with mouse, it had some inertia and decelerated. So it was fun try to click on some button or similar stuff. 😃 And if you put the mouse to the top of the screen with this move, it was falling down with parabolic path.

Sure, the code and/or program was absolutely useless, but it was a great rest during long day at work. I wish I found the program somewhere now and look at it. 😃

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