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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

FBCon 2009 München – .NET + Firebird will be there

2 Nov 2009 1 mins .NET, Databases in general, Entity Framework, Firebird, LINQ, Presentations & Speaking

Next Firebird conference is coming. This year in München, Germany. I’ve never been in München though it’s pretty close to Czech Rep. thus I’m looking forward.

You can find info about conference at I’ll be speaking there too, hence if you’re interested in Firebird and .NET you should definitely come. Every day I have one session. I’ll be covering new (2.5+) protocol implementation in .NET client for Firebird 2.1, Entity Framework support (also new in 2.5) and finally you’ll see how to create Windows phone (formely PocketPC, …) application and accessing Firebird database.

And the conference will be also great place to meet people you know from list etc. and talk face to face about your Firebird related problems, challenges and solutions. If you have any specific need to show (related to my three sessions) feel free to drop line in comments.

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