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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

My Phone – folder synchronization disappointment

9 Oct 2009 1 mins Windows Mobile/Windows Phone

I just found out that My Phone was released (is it a long time or not? 😃). Although I’m synchronizing my device with Exchange server, I’m really missing (wireless) file synchronization – either with some folder on my computer or via some website. So the My Phone looked like what I was looking for.

You can synchronize certain types of files and the storage card too. Sounds great. Until you find that you cannot select folders to sync. Only file types like Music or Documents and with or without the storage card included. This might be little problem, taking into account the current space on website is 200MB and I have 2GB of data on my card. But I don’t need to sync all these, just couple of folders with important stuff.

What a pity. Hope the Live Mesh will be soon ready for Windows phones (see, new name 😉) and will work more or less the same as on “big” computer. Or anybody knows some good similar service?

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