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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

New firmware (2.3) for Kindle

25 Nov 2009 1 mins Amazon Kindle

This morning I looked to my RSSs and found post from Scott Hanselman about new firmware for Kindle. Although Scott was applying it manually, I got it through network immediately. After about 3 minutes Kindle rebooted and was ready to work.

You can read about the new features on Amazon page, I was especially looking forward to build-in PDF reader. Right now I tested only two or three files, all displayed correctly. But you can’t change font size, so if the font is too small in PDF, you will read nothing. With new screen rotation it’s little bit better, but the page will not fit display completely, of course, so you’ll be hitting next page button more. 😉

The battery life I can judge now. But anything that improves the batter life, even 1%, is good.


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