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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

First touch at MonoTouch

10 Jan 2010 1 mins Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod, Mono, MonoTouch

Looks like I joined the prominent group of iPhone developers. Friend of mine, Meap, also experienced iPhone developer should be scared. This is what I did in almost no time.


OK, this application sucks, it’s doing nothing and looks … well looks how it looks. 😄

But the interesting think is, that the application is “written” completely in C# using Mono and MonoTouch. On iPhone you can’t have JIT (because there’s no way to switch page from data to executable) at least now from my little knowledge. Thus you for IL you have to do AOT and that’s nice challenge. In fact that was the reason why I was trying the iPhone development with the MonoTouch.

The environment is completely different (I mean the “iPhone style of creating apps”) from i.e. Windows Mobile. I’m really looking forward to try new stuff not only with the iPhone environment but also with MonoTouch as it’s an interesting piece of code. God, tomorrow, there will be a punishment from friends in office as I’ve sworn to be absolutely not interested in iPhone (and still I am from users perspective), but the development turned this into a temptation (because of developer perspective).

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