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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Synology disk power cable

14 Jan 2010 1 mins Network Attached Storage (NAS), Synology

I was recently upgrading my Synology NAS adding new disks and rebuilding RAID volume. And because I somewhere lost (I’m storing all these pieces, but once a time I feel I have too much of small cables, screws etc. and I do the cleanup 😃) the precise length SATA power and data cables I was screwed. The data cable is easy to buy, although the shortest one I was able to find in reasonably long time was 50cm length. Never mind, it will fit there, with or without using force.

The problem was the power cable. After some searching I realized that the connector on motherboard is actually same as was on floppy drives (did anybody seen floppy drive in last 5 years?). With this information it was little bit easier to find the cables and/or adapters. At the end I bought SATA power <-> molex, molex (M) <-> molex (F) and floppy adapter. It works nicely, and also fits the box.

Just wondering what I’ll do, when floppies will be absolutely dead. Maybe I should buy couple of these cables in advance. 😄

Hope this helps somebody when looking for this cable for Synology NAS (maybe the new products have also new more up-to-date connectors).

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