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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

iPad vs. Kindle

10 Feb 2010 1 mins Amazon Kindle, Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod

There’s a lot of blogposts about iPad and why somebody (not) loves it. What I wanna to do is think about is as Kindle competitor, because that’s also one target for iPad (at least from what I’ve heard).

Let’s start with my opinion. If you like reading and you’re reading a lot Kindle beats iPad easily. Let me tell you why.

First it’s the battery life. iPad is declared to last for 10 hours. That’s funny. My Kindle with wireless turned off survives a month. 10 hours isn’t simply enough if you’re traveling or you’re on vacation.

Next is the display. I don’t think iPad will have bad display, the big multi-touch screen is sure a nice piece of hardware. But for a reading, the back-light is problem. I’m a developer and I read a lot from LCDs, but the eInk in Kindle is definitely another level when reading text. You’ll not believe me, until you try it yourself. Your eyes are completely untired after reading.

Finally some of my absolutely personal “arguments”. The size (from point of reading). I know sometimes, I’m saying that I wish Kindle (normal) had a bigger display, especially when reading PDFs ( But when reading pure ebook, it’s ok. And the size is, in my opinion, just good to take your Kindle everywhere with you. Not so sure about iPad.

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