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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Sherweb’s Hosted Exchange – what a great service

1 Mar 2010 Email, Life

Generally, I’m not recommending services I’m using here. But experience from today is just too great not to share it. I’m using Hosted Exchange from Sherweb.

Last week I ordered something from one e-shop and I didn’t received the email neither the next one after phone urgency what is with my order. Today morning I jumped into support chat with Sherweb and we found that emails has been blocked because of the sending mailserver was on two blacklists. Yep, I thought it’ll something like that. But the people from Sherweb were able not only to found the reason, but also find the emails and manually redeliver(!!!) these after a week(!!!).

Wow. I can’t be more pleased with the attitude (and steps they’re able to do – in most setups I’ve seen, the rejected email is after bouncing the mail (if used) deleted) of Sherweb. The Hosted Exchange service provided is simply great, great service!

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