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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Solved Samsung i900 Omnia’s freezing

23 Jul 2010 2 mins Storage & Backup, Windows Mobile/Windows Phone

I had problem with my Samsung i900 Omnia phone being stuck in stand by mode for no obvious reason, except I discovered applications doing this. I was living with that some time until I finally jumped into the problem.

I was, from old ages, used to install almost all applications to storage card. Only some critical ones (like today screen items) into internal memory. I did the same with Omnia, although it has another storage already build in. The symptoms were simple. I ran application, put phone into stand by mode and (sometimes) later I wasn’t able to wake it up. Pretty annoying. I spotted these “problematical” applications and get used to close these after the work.

But few days ago I was sick of this. Mainly because you have to later wait when you’re starting the application again. So I did some observations and thinking. After some false (and tedious) attempts I inferred the problem might be Omnia’s handling of storage card. And yes, it was. After I move all applications from storage card to internal storage, all problems disappeared. Well, at least the phone isn’t freezing. Sometimes it takes 2-5 seconds to wake it up (light up the display), but that’s minor for me (probably the phone is doing something with the storage).

So if you’re experiencing same problem, install/move all (or the “problematic” ones) applications from storage card to internal memory of internal storage.

Note: If you’re using internal storage as USB drive and you connect phone to the computer some applications may stuck or behave weird as during this time the storage is not accessible to phone itself.

My terminology: 😃

  • internal memory = couple of MBs where system is
  • internal storage = x GBs where you can put your files
  • storage card = SD card you can put into your phone

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