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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Tab closing button in Visual Studio 2010 – part 2

7 Oct 2010 1 mins Visual Studio

More than a year ago I wrote about tab closing button in Visual Studio 2010 making me crazy. I still don’t know whether the new placement is better or not. But it’s same as in the most common tabbed applications – browsers. Probably in some scenarios it’s better to have it in fixed place in upper right corner and other scenarios fit better for placing it to the tab.

Anyway I’m using Visual Studio 2010 as my daily environment for almost a year and I got used to it. The problem now is exact opposite. Working in Visual Studio 2008 I’m instinctively moving my mouse near to the tab I’m going to close instead to the upper right corner. 😃

As the Visual Studio will move forward, we’ll probably forget about the old placement. Of course up until some UX designer will move the button to different place. 😉

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