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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Connecting from Android to Firebird

2 Nov 2010 1 mins .NET, Android, Firebird, Mono, MonoDroid

Remember the challenge I did some time ago with .NET provider for Firebird and MonoTouch? Well because I’ve got access to previews of MonoDroid, why not to try the same here?

Again it’s a pretty challenge for the whole MonoDroid stack, as the provider uses a lot of various pieces from .NET Framework. And taking into account, the MonoDroid is still in previews phase I wasn’t sure I’ll be able to succeed. However I did. With some tweaking, and I kind of remembered the important places from last attempt, so it was faster, I was able to make it work easily.

Application connected to Firebird server and showing server version and data from MON$DABATASE:


Cool, isn’t it? Taking into account, that the Windows Phone 7 (because everything there is based on Silverlight) doesn’t contain pieces from ADO.NET, it’s nice that Mono isn’t crippling the objects available.

Still using i.e. OData is probably better idea, but who knows what somebody might wanna create.

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