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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

EFv4 CTP5 some missing features (mapping)

16 Dec 2010 1 mins Entity Framework

Entity Framework v4 CTP5 added some new nice features since CTP4, for example the DbSet<T>.Local property I was blogging about or Validation. But, sadly, there’s something missing, mainly due to huge refactoring.

I hit the wall with one in particular. It’s entity splitting together with TPH inheritance. If you try to map it, you’ll get Entity splitting cannot be specified for type '<entity type>' since it is part of an inheritance hierarchy.. Bummer. So one of the projects I’m working on now, is stuck in CTP4. 😃

On the other hand, the good news (from reliable source 😉) is, that in RTM this will be working fine.

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