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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

My first PlayBook “application” :)

22 May 2011 2 mins BlackBerry, BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry WebWorks, OData/Data Services (Astoria)

I have to be honest with you. I’m ill, desperately ill developer. 😃 First day I was just playing with PlayBook and exploring as much details as I was able to. First half of day two I was doing the same, but slowly. The other half was “lost” – I started to think about developing something. 😄

Right now you can choose between Adobe Air and BlackBerry WebWorks. I jumped into WebWorks. I’ll not describe the details, because I know, I gained close-to-zero knowledge so far. But even this small was enough to create simple application. It’s even using OData. 😃

Following screens will walk you through the application – it’s a simple eBay search application. You put some search keywords and it will show you matching listings with price and small image. That’s all. Nothing more. No fancy UI (actually no UI at all), no icon, no settings, no error handling, no …

Home screen – before starting the application:

Home screen – before starting the application

Application is starting:

Application is starting

Ready to do the search:

Ready to do the search

Search in progress (take notice of super cool throbber 8)):

Search in progress (take notice of super cool throbber 8))



Application while switching to another application:

Application while switching to another application

Cannot say I like the development process, but who knows where it ends (I end).

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