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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

BlackBerry PlayBook – review after some time

4 Jun 2011 3 mins BlackBerry, BlackBerry PlayBook

My initial review of BlackBerry PlayBook was based on couple of hours using it. Right now I’ve used it almost every day since, so I have some observations based on real world usage.


Because I actually do type on BlackBerry PlayBook, mainly because it’s surprisingly easy, I miss one item on keyboard. It’s arrow keys. I do typos, I need to change something in URL, …, and hitting the right place with finger is pain. I often end up close and rather trying again I delete the small portion of text and type what I want and retype the deleted part. Pretty annoying. But my hopes are high, because it is pure software stuff, maybe the next major update will address it.

The other issue, and I was already talking about it in previous post, is the power button. I still can’t properly press it. Luckily you can turn on PlayBook swiping from one edge to the opposite one. To turn it off I simply let it dim. Easy workaround, but it somehow stuck in my head.

That’s pretty much what bothers me most. Following problems are just some observations, but from my view minor.

Because I do browse a lot and I heavily use more than one tab I would like to have some easier way to switch between tabs, rather than to swipe from top to bring “menu” (I have collapsed address bar, it’s better for reading) and there select another tab. Right now I do the move quickly, on the other hand. 😃


Let me start it this way. I love my PlayBook. The size is still what I wanted. Fits my usage pattern exactly. Same for weight.

I especially like the system. Full multitasking is what my, developer’s, mind is used to. I do a lot of stuff directly on PlayBook. The system is stable and boy it’s fast. I know the hardware isn’t bad either. You have to do really a lot stuff to stress it. And you’ll notice it even before because the backside will be hot. 😃

Which brings me to the battery life. During the work day I use it occasionally and the battery lasts from morning to evening easily. Under heavy load you will search for charger in approximately four hours. Six to seven hours of normal (yeah I know this is weak statement) usage is my observation. Good or bad? You be the judge.

I know I already mentioned it before, however I find it extremely handy – you can access the memory as network share. Hence to put some files in it, like videos, podcasts, documents, etc. (you’re not limited to particular file types), you A) can use file manager you’re familiar with and B) don’t need to install some obscure program (yes, I mean iTunes on Windows) just to put files in. The share can also be password protected.


The overall felling is very positive. And I still use Windows Mobile based phone, thus no BlackBerry Bridge. With BlackBerry phone? Who knows…

If you have any questions about BlackBerry PlayBook, feel free to use comments.

This post, except adding links, was completely written on PlayBook.

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