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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

SomeEntitySet.AddObject vs. AddToSomeEntitySet methods

12 Aug 2011 Entity Framework

Is it better to call ObjectContext.SomeEntitySet.AddObject() or ObjectContext.AddToSomeEntitySet()? Short answer is: It doesn’t matter.

Long answer. The AddToSomeEntitySet method calls base.AddObject("SomeEntitySet", someEntitySet);, you can see it from generated code. The other method calls base.Context.AddObject(this.FullyQualifiedEntitySetName, entity);. Hence it’s almost the same. Only difference is in FullyQualifiedEntitySetName property that is used. So it might be little bit slower, but I think it’s unmesurable difference. Also take into account other parts of your application, honestly, where you’re probably wasting more time. 😎

What’s your preferred call?

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