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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

My first real BlackBerry application – SA SMS Booking

16 Aug 2011 2 mins BlackBerry, BlackBerry WebWorks

It has been few days my first BlackBerry application was approved in AppWorld. I’m trying to learn how things are done in this world and real world application is in my opinion best. In fact I had same application previously on my Windows Mobile devices, though only I and, I believe, one friend used it. Anyway because I knew what I want, it was good starting point and good motivation, because I’m and I’ll be using it too.

So what is this application about? It’s pretty simple. There’s a local company called Student Agency that’s running nice bus lines between biggest cities and also allows you book the seat, change reservation, check availability etc. via SMS. Great if you need to change your plans during the day without access to internet. Only problem is that you need to send these text messages in specific and exact format. Learning these is boring and typing even more. Here the SA SMS Booking application comes handy. You simply select from options on screen and the message is created for you (you see it, so you can learn all the commands if you want) and you can immediately send it from application as well (no need to do copy and paste). And that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Actually one more thing. The application remembers your ticket card number (kind of your internal ID in the booking system), because that’s almost always the same.

The SA SMS Booking is free.

Here’s the screen (only one) of the SA SMS Booking 1.0:


It’s basic. Focusing only to do the thing you want to do as quickly as possible (I’m sometimes trying to book a seat while trying to catch the bus itself 😃).

The design is, yes, none. I’m not a designer, hence for 1.0 I used the default look of elements. Anyway, if you’re interested in creating a design for it, feel free to drop me a line. The application is free, so only paycheck will be your name on screen on something like that.

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