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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

log4net dependencies problem – solved

16 Feb 2012 Logging & Tracing, NuGet

OK, following log4net’s versioning scheme in NuGet package wasn’t a good idea. In version 1.2.11 the new keys were used and I used this as a fresh start. I didn’t realized that thanks to semantic versioning everybody will be updated to latest version and dependencies will be broken. My fault. :-?

If you read my previous log4net post there’s a solution with modifying package.config file, but… So to fix it package owners were forced to repack the dependencies to be =. Not good.

So today I pushed version 2.0.0, which is actually 1.2.11 with new keys, and 1.2.11 was removed. So there’s now on NuGet the new major version and dependencies need to be explicitly stated to be compatible with it (again, it’s 1.2.11 with new keys).

Fire is quenched, hopefully.

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