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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Kindle 4 Touch firmware 5.1.0

17 May 2012 2 mins Amazon Kindle

When I bought my Kindle 4 Touch I was satisfied with it. But there were few pieces I was missing and previous versions have them. But with firmware 5.1.0 it’s running on full steam back again.

What I like (and I was missing) in particular is landscape mode and highlighting across pages. The new homescreen layout is nice too.

Landscape mode isn’t looking that intersting on a first sight, especially if you read ebooks only. But if you read also PDFs or ebooks with some graphs, tables or images, it’s sometimes way easier to view these in landscape than to have it “overzoomed” in portrait and constantly jump right and left.

Highlighting across pages was problem before. If you had a text, that spanned two (or more 😃) pages, there was no way to highlight it all in one. You either highlighted it in pieces (lame) or tried to jump between chapters to align the text on one page (lame as well). Right now, if you move your finger to the bottom right corner, the page turns and you can continue highlighting. Sweet.

And finally the new homescreen isn’t looking bad either. At least initially (you know, it’s something new). But only time will prove whether it’s better or not. Right now I have a feel it’s more easy to take in.

Good right? Sad think is, there’s currently nothing I’d like to see, so I have nothing to look forward to in next version. 😎

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