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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Kindle 5 Paperwhite 2nd round

6 Nov 2012 2 mins Amazon Kindle

Few weeks back my Kindle 5 Paperwhite was delivered and I started exploring it. You can read the initial review. Some time has passed and now I can clearly say what has worked and what didn’t.

First one thing I didn’t noticed during the first review. The display on new Kindle is not that deep in the body as it was in previous version. Looks better and feels better. Good improvement.

What I also like is the new fonts. Palatino. Like it. Good for my eyes. Done. The uneven distribution of light from frontlight is visible, yes, but if you’re reading (if I’m reading) it’s not disturbing or anything like that. You see letters and move eyes. No problem.

In the initial review I was complaining about a need to swipe the display while turning it on and missing home button. After few weeks of usage I really don’t care about the home button. The UI is simply fast enough and I’m not using it that often as I thought. 😃 The swipe still feels odd. It doesn’t bother me, but I have a feeling I could be happier without it.

The new UI, even after the time, doesn’t look boring. Fine with me. On the other hand the Cover View is a disaster. I tried to use it once more, but couldn’t stand it. Back to rows. Amazon needs to work on this a lot.

The battery life doesn’t seem to be affected by the frontlight. Mine still lasts way, way more than a week (with Wi-Fi turned on).

I still like it. I’m really enjoying reading in bed with lights turned off. When I’m done, I just turn off Kindle, put it down and go to sleep. Really, really good experience.

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