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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Multiple MimeType attribute for OData service

12 Nov 2012 OData/Data Services (Astoria)

I was recently doing my course on Entity Framework (drop me a line, if you’re interested) and the last day we were diving into WCF Data Services aka OData.

There’s a MimeType attribute that allows you, simply speaking, set the MIME type for the output of some operation. That’s great, because you can immediately provide i.e. text/html output where the HTML is saved in come column in database. But it’s a fair need to want to specify the MIME type for operations you have. Sadly the MimeType attribute has to be on class and has AllowMultiple = false. Bummer.

After some poking around, research etc. I found that there’s indeed a limitation that you currently cannot specify the MIME type for more than one operation. But good news is, that in future release(s) this limitation should be lifted.

Wondering how’s possible I never thought about this myself before??? 😃

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