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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

log4net NuGet package updated without some goodies

5 Oct 2013 Logging & Tracing, NuGet

Few days ago I published a new log4net’s package on NuGet and based on feedback on previous version I added some “goodies”. Given more feedback on this version, when other people were not that happy with the change and after listening to some arguments, I decided to remove the “goodies” and publish just the binaries (1.2.12).

Also because I learned something about feedback – basically you only hear from people when they want a change and then you again hear from other people that don’t want the change, I decided to have absolutely open self-organizing approach 😃. I created GitHub repository with sources for NuGet package and if you want some change … create a pull request. Then everybody can see it, can discuss it, etc. In one (and only one, I’ll redirect all private requests to GitHub too) place. Hope that will (help) avoid such a situation.

Enjoy. Issue pull requests.