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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

#efhelp hashtag now better than ever

13 Oct 2013 1 mins Entity Framework, Twitter

The #efhelp hashtag on Twitter is now back (not that it was ever off, just slightly crippled).

The original implementation worked in a quick’n’dirty way. It fetched RSS feed for #efhelp search and pushed it through Yahoo Pipes to create a new feed (basically creating RT with a link) and this one was re-published into @EFHelp account (motivation for this can be found there too). This stopped working months ago as Twitter made all these feeds obsolete. I finally found the time and will 😃 to use the new Twitter API. Well actually to find and use some library. I was also not into creating new application in Twitter and all this OAuth stuff. And of course where to run it.

But it’s over. The new application is simply fetching all #efhelp tagged tweets and retweeting (real retweet, so it’s easier to get into conversation with questioner) under @EFHelp. I’m checking the search few times per hour, so it’s not instantenous, but should be quick enough.

I hope you’ll enjoy this new functionality. Also now with full Twitter API we can do whatever we want, just tell me. For example I’m thinking about retweeting entity-framework tag from StackOverflow.

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