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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

My transition to standing desk. And how it feels after slightly under a year.

4 Feb 2014 3 mins Life, Standing desk

Roughly a nine months ago I bought myself a standing desk. I’ve heard about it in previous years but I always thought it’s just another extravaganza. What made me change my mind was interesting. I never had a back problems or anything like that. I exercise a lot and I try to vary what I do to keep all my body fit. But, let’s say, eleven months ago my body forced me to stand up a few times during a days and have a short walk simply because my legs kind of wanted to “stretch”. Maybe it was because I was ramping up my running training/mileage and I was also running in the morning before work. I don’t know, it just felt good to stand up do a few, really a few, steps and continue what I was doing. I soon realized that standing and moving felt fine.

And then I started experimenting with a standing desk. First I was looking for a cheap solutions to try it. Because I read a lot how hard is to transition and how even after few months you might not be able to stand all day. But I also read a lot of articles saying how great is for the body not to sit. My own research uncovered that’s standing is better than sitting, but what really matters is moving, at least a little movements. And that’s what the standing position allows you to do. You’ll move your body really slightly and freely as working. Not something you can or will do while sitting.

After few tries with basically just a small table on top of regular table I found it not totally stupid. But it didn’t felt absolutely right. What I later realized was that it was not because of the standing desk idea, but because the set up was not perfect. After playing with different setups for about a month I went to a shop to try real standing desks. It felt better that my home made ones and I bought one (and I was not even sure I really want it, but I figured you can use it as “normal” desk, though expensive, too).

And from that point on I’m not sitting. The transition was easy for me, but your mileage may vary. First month I was sitting a while and then standing a while and repeating that again and again. I didn’t needed special shoes or a mat or a stool, as I read few times. After a month I caught myself actually standing almost all day and being happy doing that. And your body actually really does move. Every minute or so my body automatically changes its position. (You don’t realize it, but I was watching myself a little more last two weeks as I was having this post in my head.)

Now when I’m not in my office and I have to sit, I hate it. It’s so unnatural (now 😎). I have to take few times per hour walking breaks. Or I look for places where I can stand. Looks weird first, but as you explain to the people they get it.

I’m glad I gave it a try.

In case you’re you’d like to know what desk I bought, it’s Hobis MS 1400 (English).

Follow-up post.

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