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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

RE: Running And The Small Stuff

7 Feb 2014 2 mins Life, Running

It’s Monday and I finished my today’s run. While on my back relaxing a little I found AJW’s Running And The Small Stuff article in my queue (yes, I’m little behind). While he thinks about why distance runners and I think – given the article was on iRunFar – we can say ultra-runners, are better in basically dealing with daily “problems”. Being better going with flow. Though I enjoyed reading the article, in my mind, the reason is elsewhere.

As an ultra-runner you dedicate big portion of your free time to training. Running, enjoying the moves. A lot of runners train daily. That means going outside every day no matter what. For a lot of people it sounds crazy or hard. But it’s really just a question of getting used to it. It’s the same with yoga. You can go to studio once or twice a week and it will have benefits. But starting your yoga practice six days a week will give it a new dimension.

Then you have something you have to do, you want to do it. And it begins to be part of your life, your life’s rhythm. And I think that’s the key. You have a rhythm, a structure. Something to hold onto. So when then something slightly derails you, there’s still a lot of bounds to keep you on track.

I think it doesn’t matter whether you’re a runner, yogi or like doing furniture from wood. As long as you like it and you do it daily or better to say persistently or relentlessly, it gives you enough handles that you can grab when you need to.

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