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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Book: “WiX Cookbook”

18 Aug 2015 1 mins Books, WiX

The WiX is a nice tool. And it’s complex, because the MSI is complex like hell. Whenever I need to create an installer (and I hate installers, applications should be mostly “portable”) I build it from pieces I wrote before and only add never used features. That way, over the years, I learned a lot of basic scenarios. Not the best or fastest way.

Almost a year ago I was contacted by Packt Publishing to do a technical review of WiX Cookbook book. And I have to say the content is pretty handy. If you don’t want to deep dive into MSI and WiX and you just need to get things done with maybe a bit of background, this book offers plenty of practical recipes. Although I like to have also the background knowledge, sometimes the ready to use snippet is just what you need.

If you find a mistake there, don’t blame me, my eyes weren’t the only pair checking the content. 😃

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