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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Book: “Learning AWS”

25 Aug 2015 1 mins AWS, Books, Cloud

Recently I finished reviewing another book for Packt. This time it was not cookbook, but a more or less regular book with text and examples. It’s called Learning AWS. As you can guess from the name this book is about Amazon’s cloud. Because it is not a cookbook, the text contains also some background information to understand the chapter. Great to also learn something new.

Although I’m known to not be heavy Java guy and the demos are in Java (if I remember correctly, all of them), but you’re not coding anything. Just using the application to have something to deploy and configure a bit. So even if you’re i.e. Python guy you will find it valuable too.

And don’t think it’s just for developers. There’s a lot for administrators too. Securing the whole thing, setting up firewalls and VPCs. Especially for VPCs I needed to double check my holes 😉 and during that I also gained some knowledge. Or let’s call it DevOps.

Enjoy the book.

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