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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Sad story about cloud CDNs

18 Oct 2016 AWS, Azure, CDN, Cloud

Yesterday I started a simple task. Or at least I thought it was simple. Basically I needed to prepend some CDN in front of a domain with static content. In what a hole I ended…

My immediate attempt was targeted towards Azure. I have a couple of projects there. I explore various services there, if I have a time. So I went to portal, created new CDN profile and went to assign custom domain. Around these steps I realized there’s nothing about SSL certificates in the blades. As I finished assigning custom domain, with the hope some SSL menu will show up, I found nothing. Not for Verizon nor Akamai plan. Bravely I searched and found this. Yep. You read it correctly. It’s not supported and – from the history – it was shifted couple of times.


So what about AWS. The CloudFront, from the start, felt solid. I felt it’s going to happen here. I first created Distribution without certificate, just to get started. Then I tried creating one with SSL certificate, which I previously saw was there. Quick jump to Certificate Manager to import the certificate. Click, click.

The private key length is not supported. Only 1024-bit and 2048-bit are allowed. Choose Previous button below and fix it.

Really? This is where it ends?

It’s difficult to wrap my head around, why my simple – custom domain and SSL (of course) – needs are so difficult even for two biggest cloud providers, where I would expect the best support for everything. So, defeated, I’m searching for other providers.

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