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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

My Injinji socks hack

21 Feb 2017 2 mins Running

I like Injinji socks. I race in these as well as use them for every training run or outing I do. I like the fit and no chafing or blisters, so why try something else? But there’s a problem with these. And I finally found a solution.

You know Injinji are inherently left and right foot specific. So when one sock form the pair is over it’s lifespan (read: has a hole 😉) the other one is kind of useless, unless you’re lucky to have one time left one and other time right one being done. Which is surely not me, because my feet and/or gait is not absolutely symmetrical and I don’t run perfectly symmetrical runs. So I have, if I remember correctly, more left socks left than right ones. And that sucks. I would like to use these, but I can’t. Well, no longer.

Because my unprepared leaving for mountains (my training sucked, if you’d like to ask) I took off with two left socks. There I was, left with a choice to run without socks (fine for me, though in sub-zero (Celsius) temperatures not much fun, but my wife wasn’t into this idea strictly) or finding a solution. Little bit of looking at the sock and rotating it over x-axis and y-axis and z-axis I finally saw it!

I can just turn the sock inside out and that’s it! The Run Lightweight Mini-Crew I’m using the most are basically same inside as outside. No chafing or hot spots possible.

Problem solved. OK, problem hacked. How the hell I didn’t realize it sooner?

Have fun in your Injinji socks.

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