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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Phone (life)hack for better sleep

9 Mar 2017 1 mins Lifehack

I’m charging my phone overnight on the floor next to my bed. Nothing special. Sometimes while slowly fading into sleep some email or something comes in, the screen lights up and in the dark room it’s fairly noticeable. And I, being curious, check what’s that and often also reply or do something. And I don’t like it.

Few weeks back, basically by accident, I found a simple solution. While I was plugging the charger, I placed the phone screen down. And that’s the trick. Place the phone screen down. That way, when some message comes in (I have sound turned on for extremely limited set of apps – definitely not email or IM.), the screen shines into the carpet, thus it’s not visible at all. And I can continue fading into sleep, without being disturbed (or in a temptation to check it).

What a stupidly simple trick to trick (see what I did here 😉) me.

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