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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Getting the size of a tuple (number of items)

28 Mar 2017 1 mins .NET, C#

Yesterday was a trip to the world of tuples and reflection and today I’m going to continue on that note. As previously, I needed something with tuples for FbNetExternalEngine – number of elements in whole tuple. I call it “size of tuple”.

The idea isn’t difficult at all. In fact, I consider it pretty good example for recursion. First, I assume the tuple is “the tuple” in a sense from yesterday’s code. Then it’s just checking number of generic parameters, if it’s 8, then taking the last one and repeating the process.

public static int GetSize(Type tuple)
	var genericArguments = tuple.GetGenericArguments();
	if (genericArguments.Length > 7)
		return 7 + GetSize(genericArguments[7]);
		return genericArguments.Length;

And some tests to sleep better.

[TestCase(typeof((int, int)), ExpectedResult = 2)]
[TestCase(typeof((int, int, string, string, int, int, string, string, int, int)), ExpectedResult = 10)]
[TestCase(typeof(ValueTuple<int>), ExpectedResult = 1)]
[TestCase(typeof(ValueTuple<int, ValueTuple<int, int>>), ExpectedResult = 2)]
public int GetSizeTest(Type tuple)
	return TupleHelper.GetSize(tuple);

I opted for slightly longer code but more readable code, instead of having it on just two lines.

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