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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

NT konferenca 2018

7 May 2018 Presentations & Speaking

In less than a month (22nd-24th of May 2018) the biggest Slovenian conference – NT konferenca 2018 – will happen. It is the 23rd edition, amazing. And I’m so stoked to be part of it with my session about Entity Framework Core 2.0 and 2.1.

Entity Framework Core 2.0 has been introduced recently together with .NET Core 2 and ASP.NET Core 2. What’s new? What are the changes to version 1.0/1.1? Does it make sense to use version 2.0? What about 2.1? Is it filling the gaps? What’s new there. Plus. What are the more advanced features, what are its limitations … What about, for example, using with databases other than MS SQL Server?

Profile Picture Jiří Činčura is an independent developer focusing on data and business layers, language constructs, parallelism and databases. Specifically Entity Framework, asynchronous and parallel programming, cloud and Azure. He's Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and you can read his articles, guides, tips and tricks at