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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

FirebirdDbComparer with Firebird 3 packages support

26 Nov 2018 .NET, .NET Core, Databases in general, Firebird

It already happened on Friday, but you might have missed this release. The new version of FirebirdDbComparer was published and this version contains among small bug fixes and performance optimizations also one big new feature and that’s support for packages in Firebird 3.

Packages are a new feature in Firebird 3 allowing you to “group” procedures and functions into packages. More importantly, for me as somebody comparing databases, it decouples the definition (aka header or public contract) and implementation (aka body or private contract), which greatly simplifies creating, altering and dropping of these.

It was not a quick and easy feature to implement. It touched a lot of places in comparer. But eventually, thanks to the header and body separation, it clicked into the place nicely.

FirebirdDbComparer is available on NuGet, so give it a spin. The documentation page (where you can also support the project) has been also updated, listing the few really small features from Firebird 3 not fully supported yet.

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