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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

FbNetExternalEngine version 1.0 released

10 Jan 2019 1 mins .NET, Firebird

I’m so excited to finally reach point where I can call FbNetExternalEngine ready and release version 1.0. It’s finally happening. I remember starting in June 2016 and being excited when Firebird first loaded the stubs I had in place and today all the initial ideas are in place and working.

FbNetExternalEngine is plugin for Firebird 3+ that allows you to write stored procedures, functions (not yet) and triggers (not yet) in any .NET language (instead of PSQL). There’s no limitation on what you can or cannot do in the code. Full power of .NET and .NET eco-system is available for you.

If you are keen to start, just go to this page where you will find all the documentation, including examples, performance numbers and what’s coming. Eagerly awaiting your feedback.

Also big thanks to two initial supporters – SMS-Timing and Elekt Labs. Without their support it would be difficult to reach version 1.0.

Profile Picture Jiří Činčura is .NET, C# and Firebird expert. He focuses on data and business layers, language constructs, parallelism, databases and performance. For almost two decades he contributes to open-source, i.e. FirebirdClient. He works as a senior software engineer for Microsoft. Frequent speaker and blogger at