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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

.NET DeveloperDays 2019

31 Aug 2019 Presentations & Speaking

If you’re not yet registed for this year’s .NET Developer Days, where I’ll be speaking, you’re going to regret it. Here are (my) 3 reasons.

First, obviously, it’s the main keynote speaker – Scott Guthrie. I think it’s an easy opportunity to see this man in real life here in Europe. And that does not happen that often.

Then, to not dismiss other great speakers. We’ll try to pass as much great content as possible. Hopefully demo gods will be with us.

I have two sessions in the agendaMost Common Mistakes in Using Tasks and in Asynchronous Code and From Zero to Hero With Entity Framework Core.

Asynchronous code with async and await is everywhere nowadays. And although C# makes it very easy to write such code, it’s not always smooth sailing. In this session I’ll show the most common traps and gotchas and how to avoid them.

In this 60 minute session you’ll jump start your Entity Framework Core knowledge. We’ll start by looking at the how all the pieces fit together and then go deeper and learn about majority of the features. After this session you’ll be able to understand how “it” works, but also quickly use it.

Last but not least, the conference has a great evening event, which I highly recommend not skipping. It’s fun and great place to talk with others.

Hope to meet all of you there.

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