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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Firebird Conference 2019

12 Oct 2019 2 mins Firebird, Presentations & Speaking

After a small pause in every-year Firebird conferences, filled with few “seminars”, the Firebird Conference is back. This year in Berlin, Germany.

I’ll have 4 sessions, all related to .NET and Firebird. What else, right? Here’s the list.

  • What’s new in .NET driver for Firebird
  • Using Firebird with .NET Core and Entity Framework Core
  • FbNetExternalEngine
  • Comparing Firebird databases with FirebirdDbComparer

Over the last few years and months, the .NET driver for Firebird was making a progress for more complete ADO.NET provider, with fewer bugs and more performance. In this session, I’ll look at all the improvements and all the drivers (and possibilities) available.

.NET Core runs on Windows, Linux, and MacOS and so does Firebird. Why not take the advantage and create new applications on .NET Core, using Entity Framework Core, and as a storage use Firebird.

Firebird 3 introduced plugins that allow you to execute any code and return some data back – triggers, stored procedures and functions to be precise. Similar to old UDFs, but as a plugin. The FbNetExternalEngine uses this and allows you to have a logic written in any .NET language, like C#, and use it as a function for example. So you have all the power of .NET ecosystem inside Firebird.

Managing changes in database structures are difficult. Especially if you have multiple versions up in the air. FirebirdDbComparer is a new library that allows you to do the compares, trying to create the script as a sane person would do. Either you can use it as a library and use it from within your application or as a standalone executable.

Although the conference is close, you can still register and enjoy the content.

What’s new in .NET driver for Firebird presentation

Using Firebird with .NET Core and Entity Framework Core presentation

FbNetExternalEngine presentation

Comparing Firebird databases with FirebirdDbComparer presentation

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