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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2021

14 Jun 2021 1 mins Presentations & Speaking

I’ll be speaking at WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2021 in two weeks (June 28th – July 1st). The speaker line-up there is amazing and I’ll contribute with one session of mine.

The session is called C# 9 Source Generators – let the machine do the programming and, you guessed it, is about Source Generators in C# 9.

Source Generators are one of longest requested features in C# language. What is a source generator? What I can use it for? Also what I can’t use it for? Answers to these and more in this session.

I hope to see people from other areas (languages, frameworks, etc.) with interesting “out of the box” questions. That would make my day.

Profile Picture Jiří Činčura is .NET, C# and Firebird expert. He's focused on data and business layers, language constructs, parallelism, databases and performance. He's Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and frequent speaker. You can read his articles, guides and tips and tricks at