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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Task<IDisposable> surprise

15 Dec 2022 1 mins .NET, C#

This combination of Task and IDisposable surprised me quite well. And yes, it’s my fault. As usual.

I was writing a simple asynchronous method that returns an object that implements IDisposable. Really barebones example.

async Task<IDisposable> Foo()
    return default;

And then I used this method like this. Nothing to talk about. Or?

using (Foo())

Can you see the problem? No? Neither did I. With this call, I’m disposing the task (Task also implements IDisposable) that I just started/received, not the disposable itself.

The correct code is like this.

using (await Foo())

Which I’ve found after I deployed an application to my Raspberry Pi and it failed. I suppose that qualifies me for “testing in production guy” label. 😎

And now, forever, I’ll remember it and I’ll be carefull around this combination. And maybe you’ll too.

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