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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

.NET Developer Days 2024 Berlin

3 Jun 2024 1 mins Presentations & Speaking

One of my favourite conferences – .NET Developer Days – that happens in Warsaw in fall is now having also a Berlin edition. And I’m a big fan of Berliner Fernsehturm. Looks like a perfect combination (well, perfect combination would be to have the conference in Fernsehturm 😉). Anyway, I’ll have two sessions there and I hope to see you there.


Autoincrement (identity) is not the only option for primary keys

A lot of applications is using “simple” autoincrement (identity) as a primary key. That’s not bad. But there are other options for generated primary keys and some might be even better for your application. I’ll show you some options, pros and cons and even apply that as a mapping for EF Core.

Working with strings in .NET 8 and SearchValues

Working with strings is inherent in any program. But did you know that in .NET 8 you can work with strings differently? Better! Faster! You don’t? Come and see.

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