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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Update Model from Database and CatalogName

28 Nov 2008 2 mins Entity Framework, Firebird, Visual Studio

Entity Framework support for Firebird had a problem, when you created model and then tried to update model (Update Model from Database) VS would freeze. I was pretty sure, that’s a problem of server – because I was using 2.5 build from HEAD that cannot be considered as stable and the 2.1 was working fine (except the left outer join problem 😉) (because foreign keys/associations were not generated the problem wasn’t fired). And I was wrong.

Similar to problem I described on, the problem was in NULL in CatalogName in DefiningQuery in SSDL for store. Funny is that generating model from EdmGen and also in wizard was working fine, only updating was failing. But no exception, no error, nothing. Just freeze. If I had NULL in SchemaName I was getting exception in EdmGen leastways.

OK, now – just to be safe – CatalogName and also SchemaName isn’t NULL, but dummy string. No attempts to be smart. 😉

Never mind, could be worse. Now it’s fixed, so you can grab build from and test it. Eh, and if you’re looking for some FB with fixed left outer join, check i.e., it’s a snapshot of current 2.5 trunk.

This problem itself has been also discussed in comments here.

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