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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

Shortly with iPad

27 Jun 2010 2 mins Amazon Kindle, Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod

Some time ago I was writing about my thoughts about Kindle vs. iPad. Information about iPad was based from different sources around internet. As my friend Petr Kaleta (Mac obsessed 😉) recently bought one and I was able to play with it for a short I would like to share some of my initial feelings.

I was first surprised with the size. It’s pretty thick, I was expecting it to be much thinner. And then the dimensions. Again I thought it’s close to A4 paper, but it’s actually smaller and square-ish. Maybe I just got wrong impression from pictures. Last but not least is the weight. The thing is damn heavy. Really, it’s heavy. Forget about holding it with one hand only for a long time and i.e. walking with it in your house. You’ll be tired quickly. My expectation here was based entirely on Kindle. And now I really realize how light the Kindle is, though for comfortable reading in any position it’s on the edge.

Now the good sides. The display, although average in resolution, is great browsing internet. Wanna check maps or weather at home just before you leave? Exactly the spot where I see iPad as a great device. Similarly checking news or TV schedule or … Simply the handy device connected to internet you have home, using it for common tasks for which you don’t want to grab your notebook or walk to computer.

And as a reading device? I don’t know. I have doubts about the weight, at least until you lean it on your body or something like that. Another story is the display. I wasn’t watching it couple of hours in a row, but I bet the Kindle will be more comfortable no matter what. And the it has also the next/previous page buttons so you’re doing minimal move when turning pages. Sliding with the finger looks or maybe is cool, but I bet on simple buttons.

Would I buy one? For half a price, yes. Would I throw away my Kindle? No. Kindle is so focused on reading; and that’s what I like on it.

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