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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

BlackBerry PlayBook improvements with 1.0.5 firmware (related to previous review)

8 Jun 2011 1 mins BlackBerry, BlackBerry PlayBook

Few days ago I wrote ”BlackBerry PlayBook – review after some time“ and I mentioned two major pains I have. And guess what. There new firmware available during these days, version 1.0.5, and it solves pretty much the “power button issue” I was talking about.

Turning it on isn’t issue, as there’s a gesture. But the turning it off (to stand by) was problem (maybe just for my fingers 😎). But the new firmware improves the panel you’ll when you tap on battery icon.


Not only you can put PlayBook into stand by mode, hence no need to use button and problem solved, you can also adjust brightness. Good, sometimes, especially during the evening or night, I’d like to lower the brightness a little. Now it’s easy.

There’s also handy features of showing you, in left top corner, that you have some update available for application from AppWorld.


Now you don’t have to open AppWorld application couple times a week just to see no updates for applications are there. You’ll simply see it here.

I wish to have arrow keys I was talking about as well. But my hopes are still high, maybe next time. Every little improvement counts.

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