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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

More space for Kindle’s “Cover View”

2 Oct 2013 1 mins Amazon Kindle

When I bought (link, link) the Kindle 5 Paperwhite the Cover View was one part of the new UI. And I found it not that much usable. Basically half of the space was occupied with Recommended Content. Though the recommendations are often a good match (say hello to data-mining) it was just using a lot of space. So I – as I wrote in posts linked above – stoped using this view and used the old view with just text and lines.

But yesterday I was aimlessly jumping in Kindle’s menus to kill some time because I was not in a mood to read yet. And I found something. In SettingsDevice OptionsPersonalize your Kindle there’s a switch Recommended Content. Voilà. Turned that off and the whole screen is now occupied with book covers. Well hidden.

Still don’t know whether I like the Cover View more, but it’s for sure more usable now. What view are you using?

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