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About mentoring

26 Dec 2017 Career, Life, Programming in general

Recently in my social bubble, mostly on Twitter, there has been a lot of talking about mentoring. Senior developers mentoring juniors and so on. Although I’m not, by any means, saying mentoring is bad and juniors should leave seniors alone, I’d like to also share my opinion. Shedding some light into this seemingly black-and-white problem.

Entity Framework Core 2.0 provider for Firebird now in beta

11 Dec 2017 .NET, .NET Standard, C#, Databases in general, Entity Framework Core, Firebird, LINQ, SQL, Visual Studio

As I’m sweeping the corners, the work is less glamorous (read: close to zero outside contributions) and every move is harder and harder. But despite all of that, I’m glad to move one step closer to the RTM version of Entity Framework Core 2.0 provider for Firebird and jump to the beta phase.

WUG: Entity Framework Core 2.0 (Olomouc)

5 Dec 2017 Entity Framework, Presentations & Speaking

WUGy v Olomouci opět oživly a můžeme se tedy podívat společně na Entity Framework Core 2.0.

Entity Framework Core 2.0 byl představen nedávno společně s .NET Core 2 a ASP.NET Core 2. Co nového přináší? Jaké jsou změny oproti verzi 1.0 / 1.1? Má smysl verzi 2.0 používat? Jaké jsou pokročilejší features, jaká jsou její omezení… A co například použití s jinými databázemi než jen MS SQL Server?

Těším se na vás 12.12.2017 od 17:00 v Olomouci.

Changing paths in PDB files for source files (and PDB file path in DLL as well)

2 Dec 2017 .NET Core, Roslyn

Although you can disable PDB files generation altogether, it’s good idea to have these. Debugging without PDB files later is so much harder, like if debugging isn’t hard enough already. One thing that might be bothering you, is the source files location that is stored in PDB files. You might want to change these paths – build servers often use random directory names or you might want to simply hide that the project directory on your hard drive has some weird name. 😃

Are static methods faster in execution compared to instance methods (.NET)?

27 Nov 2017 .NET, .NET Core, JIT, RyuJIT

Couple days ago, fellow MVP and colleague @RobertHaken tweeted from frustration about a refactoring (in this case not a good refactoring) into static methods. And I immediately started thinking about scenario where the static method might have some tangible benefits compared to instance method. What a better way to improve method execution than speeding it up? Could this be the case?

Do not await what does not need to be awaited

17 Nov 2017 .NET, C#, Multithreading/Parallelism/Asynchronous/Concurrency

As the usage of await seeps more and more into general C# code, I’m finding some small “leaks” that make me sad sometimes. This one is pretty simple. Looks like that every time somebody uses XxxAsync method, he or she also awaits it. Makes sense, or does it?

Calibrating Aeotec Multisensor 6’s temperature using OpenZWave (in Domoticz)

6 Nov 2017 Domoticz, OpenZWave, Z-Wave

The Multisensor 6 from Aeotec is a nice little device. I have three of these in my house at the moment (and I’m sure I’m not done yet 😉). Being data geek I always calibrate the temperature (and humidity) sensor to match my own “calibration” devices (ESP-8266 with Si-7021). The steps described in official documentation are correct, but because I use OpenZWave (in Domoticz) I had to do some specific steps to make it work.

Using Azure CDN for complete static (running) website

20 Oct 2017 Azure, CDN, Cloud

If you read the documentation etc. for Azure CDN, it often expects that you’re going to use it on parts of your website and rest will be served directly from the original location. But if you have completely static (and currently running) website, like for example this blog, which is using the Azure CDN actually, you need to take a few specific steps to start using Azure CDN in such setup and without downtime.

JavaDays 2017

16 Oct 2017 Presentations & Speaking

Stejně jako .NET, Microsoft a techonologie kolem mají výbornou Gopas TechEd konferenci, má i Java svět svoji – JavaDays. Letos se uskuteční 13. – 14. listopadu a já jsem si připravil několik přednášek, které vás doufám zaujmou. Především kolem tématu databází, které je mi velmi blízké.

Playing with asyncio and aiohttp in Python as a C# developer

12 Oct 2017 Multithreading/Parallelism/Asynchronous/Concurrency, Python

Few months back I decided to play a little with asyncio in Python. Explore a little bit how “they did it” and align that in my mind with what I know about the implementation in .NET. Because at that time I needed some HTTP probing I decided to test the async IO together with regular HTTP (aka network) requests. And I used aiohttp. Not that I did some big research. I did quick search and looked at some demos to see whether I like how it’s structured or not. And aiohttp felt fine.

Comparing speed of “Count > 0” and “Any”

29 Sep 2017 .NET, C#, LINQ

I hate seeing Count > 0 when doing code reviews. And I always recommend using Any instead. It shows the intention, hence makes the code more readable, I think.

Although I would always choose readability over performance – unless in some very specific cases, with well-defined numbers – at one point I wondered whether there’s a cost in using Any. Speed? Allocations?

Konference CORESTART 2.0

20 Sep 2017 Presentations & Speaking

Letošní CORESTART 2.0 (2. – 3. listopadu) naváže na loňskou “edici”, tentokrát samozřejmě se zaměřením na .NET Core 2.0 a všeho okolo něj. Verze 2.0 už opravdu něco umí a jde na ní solidně stavět. Kromě zahraničních speakerů, přispěji i já svou troškou do mlýna dvěma přednáškami – jedna kolem Entity Frameworku Core 2.0 a druhá kolem novinek v C# 7 a dál. Novinek je hodně a program stojí za to. Přijďte, nebudete litovat.