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.NET Developer Conference ’21

1 Dec 2021 1 mins Presentations & Speaking

Few moments ago I finished my session on .NET Developer Conference ’21 (yeah, I forgot to make the post sooner). My session was C# Source Generators – let the machine do the programming. It was recorded and demos are attached below.

Operators with different color in Visual Studio

24 Sep 2021 1 mins C#, Visual Studio

When writing some code day or two ago I noticed one operator color in Visual Studio being different color than it usually is. I initially thought it’s a fluke in syntax highlighting that will eventually go away. When it didn’t, I decided to investigate.

.NET DeveloperDays 2021

15 Sep 2021 3 mins Presentations & Speaking

It’s again that time of the year when my favorite conference is about to happen. Yep, it’s .NET DeveloperDays time (and planned as in-person, yay!). You still have about a month to register and you should. I’ll have both the workshop and two sessions in main conference.

C# static constructor called multiple times

7 Sep 2021 2 mins .NET, .NET Core

Few days ago, I had a behavior I couldn’t believe. Static constructor of my C# class was clearly called two times. For no reason! Even the static variable it was initializing was null during second call. How is that even possible?

ADO.NET provider for Firebird is ready

17 Aug 2021 1 mins .NET, C#, Databases in general, Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core, Entity SQL, Firebird, LINQ, SQL, Visual Studio

New version of ADO.NET provider for Firebird is ready for download. This release contains, among other small improvements and fixes, support for Srp256 (and quite a few related changes, like support for SPB version 3) and fix for performance regression for synchronous code paths introduced in

Live: How to start with FbNetExternalEngine

2 Aug 2021 1 mins Livestream

After a lot of live and pre-recorded conference talks, I decided to try also livestreaming myself. Being a beginner, I forgot to properly announce it beforehand and hence although still livestream, for most people it will be a recording. I’ll get better next time.

Developer Week ’21

7 Jun 2021 1 mins Presentations & Speaking

Developer Week ’21, a new conference for me, is happening from 28 June to 2 July and I’m lucky to be speaking there, although only via the power of the Internet. I’ll have two sessions.

Introducing FirebirdMonitorTool – tool for processing Firebird’s trace output

20 May 2021 3 mins .NET, .NET Core, Databases in general, Firebird

Last few weeks, on and off, I was reviving, finishing and improving a library, or now a tool if you will, that allows processing of trace output from Firebird. The library started its life probably sometime around 2014, and after a minimal working piece was done, it was briefly, yet successfully, used. Then it was left rusting up until last few weeks. What can it do?

Gopas TechEd 2021 (online)

7 May 2021 1 mins Presentations & Speaking

Už za pár týdnů se bude konat Gopas TechEd, tento rok také online. Já jsem připravil dvě přednášky. Obě plné kódu.

I replaced jQuery on this blog with vanilla JavaScript

26 Apr 2021 2 mins Blog, JavaScript, jQuery

Over maybe last two years or so, I’ve been reading with interest primarily @alesroubicek’s tweets, where he disregarded (with good arguments) all the all-encompassing JavaScript frameworks and libraries. And then out of nowhere last week, I decided to try to remove jQuery from this blog. Simply to have a personal experience with doing stuff in vanilla JavaScript.

My new AC has built-in Wi-Fi and that brings dilemma into my home automation hacking

5 Apr 2021 3 mins Home Automation, IoT

Last week I had AC installed into my house and the unit has Wi-Fi module as a standard option. That brings dilemma to my inner geekiness. As you might expect from me, I want to control the unit remotely my own way. Would the unit have only infrared remote control I would take some ESP8266 board (Wemos D1 Mini Pro is my favorite) and hack together my own infrared remote with simple API over the Wi-Fi. Because that would be the only way. But now I have two options. Oh my.

Fusing await using and await foreach and await

22 Mar 2021 2 mins C#

As I’m thinking about the await using and various usage patterns, my mind sometimes starts to wander into pieces like Task<IAsyncDisposable>, Task<IAsyncEnumerable<T>> and Task<IAsyncEnumerable<IAsyncDisposable>>. And how to wrap that into await using and await foreach making some confusing combinations. This is what I was playing with, don’t expect anything specific.

Migrated from Disqus to

10 Mar 2021 2 mins Blog

In last 24 hours I migrated from Disqus to because I’m done with Disqus. I didn’t mind it initially, but last few years I was more and more unhappy about it. Here’s why and how I migrated.

WUG: (Ne)Známé vlastnosti Azure Storage (online)

19 Feb 2021 1 mins Presentations & Speaking

Azure Storage je tak nějak moje oblíbená služba. A za ty roky co existuje jsem nasbíral a taky náhodou objevil hromadu zajimavých vlastností, o kterých možná nevíte nebo nevíte jak je použít. No a tak se na ně podíváme na WUGu 18.3.2021 od 17:00.

Home automation is heavily stateful and that sucks

11 Jan 2021 3 mins Home Automation, IoT, Z-Wave, Zigbee

In programming we like stateless pieces of code, immutable data structures, functional composition, etc. and we value languages, libraries and environments designed with this in mind. Home automation is complete opposite.

My new PC (and why I chose the components I chose)

5 Jan 2021 4 mins AMD, ASUS, Hardware, Kingston, Noctua, Nvidia, PC, Samsung, SSD

During December I finished building my new PC. My previous PC was not terribly dated or slow (and continues to be used by my wife), but I felt it’s favorable time for update. It’s not balls to wall build, rather something I think is good for my workflow – mostly development and related tasks. I don’t edit movies, stream (or play for that matter) games, etc. I describe each component (in no particular order) and my reasoning why I chose it, your mileage may obviously vary.

DevDay 2020: Using Roslyn to improve your codebase

9 Nov 2020 1 mins Presentations & Speaking

I have to say, Belgium has a special place in my heart, so when my session for was accepted, I was happy. I would be happier if the conference would be in-person, but 2020 is what it is. Anyway. I’ll be talking about Using Roslyn to improve your codebase. Basically taking advantage of Roslyn’s open design where you can use various pieces of the whole compiler platform and create your own tools with the full power of “compiler” i.e. sematic analysis.

New Environment.ProcessId in .NET 5

4 Nov 2020 1 mins .NET

While reading some code in .NET runtime, I found Environment.ProcessId property, which surprised me a bit, because I had no idea it existed. Quick look into the documentation and no wonder I had no idea. It’s new in .NET 5.

How Entity Framework Core’s query cache works

27 Oct 2020 3 mins Entity Framework Core

Last week, when speaking at .NET Developer Days, I got a question about the query cache in Entity Framework Core – is it shared across DbContexts or is it per instance? With this question I realized I know how the cache work(ed) in Entity Framework 6, but I’m not entirely sure how it’s done in Entity Framework Core. Time to explore! And you can go with me.

WUG Days 2020

17 Oct 2020 2 mins Presentations & Speaking

Už zanedlouho tu bude další ročník WUG Days (21.-23.10.). Tentokrát jak jinak než online a stále zdarma. Pro mě trochu brutálnější, protože bylo vybráno celkem 5 mých přednášek.

DotFest 2020: Using Roslyn to improve your codebase

13 Sep 2020 1 mins Presentations & Speaking

The DotFest conference, part of HardFest conferences, is going to happen 16-17 October online (which is little bit sad, because I’d like to visit Novosibirsk, from where the conference will be streamed) and I’ll be talking about Using Roslyn to improve your codebase. Basically taking advantage of Roslyn’s open design where you can use various pieces of the whole compiler platform and create your own tools with the full power of “compiler” i.e. sematic analysis.

Svitla Smart Talk: Most Common Mistakes in Using Tasks and in Asynchronous Code

13 Sep 2020 1 mins Presentations & Speaking

I’ll be talking about Most Common Mistakes in Using Tasks and in Asynchronous Code as part of Svitla Smart Talk event. It will be streamed 22 September, 19:00 (Kyiv time/UTC+3) and it’s free. There’s a generous 30 minute window for Q&A at the end and I’ll try to asnwer as much questions as possible. You can register here. Hope to see you there.

.NET DeveloperDays 2020

31 Aug 2020 2 mins Presentations & Speaking

I’m so looking forward to this year’s .NET Developer Days. I think it’s my favorite conference of the year. The current state of the world is not best for conferences, but I hope the #netdd is going to happen at least as planned now. And although the conference is now also online, if the situation permits, I’ll try to be there in-person.

Running ASP.NET Core app on Azure B1ls VM (penny pinching)

27 Aug 2020 3 mins .NET Core, Azure, Azure VMs

Although I usually try to avoid IaaS services as much as possible, for this side project I needed to expose Kestrel webserver directly and hence the obvious choice for hosting web app – the App Service – wasn’t an option. So I went for a VM. And given it’s a side project, I also wanted to run it cheaply. And why not to try to go all out with B1ls VM using Linux.

Projekt “Průvodce vývojářů”

26 Aug 2020 1 mins Uncategorized

Zhruba poslední rok v mé hlavě krystalizoval nápad. Nápad vznikl na dvou pilířích. První je opakující se potřeba firem, kterou jsem potkával na různých konzultacích a školeních, na něco v podobě out-of-company (nebo možná out-of-box) review, konzultace, nápady nebo prostě jen nějaká forma možnost si s někým promluvit a ujasnit si problém nebo řešení. Druhý pilíř je kontinuální, po částech dávkované, vzdělávání a udržování teamu up-to-date.

Výsledkem je projekt Průvodce vývojářů. A abych tady neopisoval to, co už jsem jednou sepsal, můžete si všechny detaily přečíst na

SQL Server Bootcamp 2020

9 Aug 2020 1 mins Presentations & Speaking

Na letošním SQL Server Bootcampu, který se koná online, se budete moci dozvědět něco o databázových enginech Firebird a Microsoft SQL Serveru v přednášce “Porovnání Firebird a Microsoft SQL Serveru”, kterou jsem připravil společně Vladimírem Mužným.

Exploring top-level statements in C# 9

11 Jun 2020 4 mins C#, Roslyn

I wanted to know how is the top-level statements feature in C# 9 handled and what’s actually produced. Although I originally planned to do just a quick test and the look at the IL, I kept testing the feature more and more.

🔥 “tabs over spaces” buff

3 Jun 2020 2 mins Life, Merchandise

Almost exactly a year ago I was sitting in a restaurant after Update Days: Corestart 3.0 conference with my ↹ over ␣ ␣ ␣ shirt facing Olia Gavrysh, Program Manager at .NET team in Microsoft. And she mentioned how she liked the shirt (and that Immo Landwerth, another Program Manager in .NET team would like it too (maybe that was a sarcasm)) and that I should make the shirt available for buying.

Removing explicit default access modifiers in Visual Studio using EditorConfig

2 Jun 2020 1 mins .NET, C#, Visual Studio

Almost five years ago I wrote post Removing explicit default access modifiers (Roslyn analyzer and codefix) and it was a great exercise and I still prefer to have code without all the private, etc. noise. But also nowadays Visual Studio supports all sorts of code style rules via EditorConfig file. Can I teach Visual Studio to actually suggest removing explicit default access modifiers?

Delete button in resource group in Azure portal

29 May 2020 1 mins Azure

I don’t know whether this has been in the portal “forever” and I never noticed or if it’s a new thing. Anyway, it’s a nice feature and I’m enjoying it, so I might as well share that with you.

Glorious day as a trainer and conference speaker

26 May 2020 5 mins Life

Today was a crazy – rollercoaster like – day. Let me tell you all about it even though it’s about 7 o’clock in the evening now and I’m very tired. I feel like this clown on my daughter’s desk.

I miss using email

19 May 2020 4 mins Email, IM, Skype, Teams

I miss good old email. You know the tool that anybody can reach you at, you can use any tool you want and basically can do anything with it yourself.

Let me give you bit of “messaging” history from my own world and I’ll circle back to email at the end.

Zlepšite si svoj zdrojový kód pomocou Roslyn-u (KROS Dev Meetup ‎#3)

6 May 2020 1 mins Presentations & Speaking

Vypadá to, že místní svět si na remote spolupráci zvyká a přizpůsobují se i konference a jiné akce. Nezahálí ani KROS Dev Meetup a v jeho třetí edici tam povím něco o možnostech zlepšování kódu pomocí Roslynu. Takže si nezapomeňte přidat do kalendáře 19.5 v 18:00. Kromě mě, bude jestě druhá přednáška na téma “Automatické End-to-End testy”.